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Resistance Bands? What is the Rage?

Posted by jGraham on January 21, 2013  /   Posted in Exercise, Uncategorized

Exercise resistance bands are a great way to exercise. Compared to training with free weights exercise bands are light weight, compact, and are very portable. You can hide them in a desk drawer, glove compartment, or pop them into a suitcase, briefcase or purse and take them where ever you go. Resistance bands are inexpensive and they can be used in multiple ways from upper and lower body workouts, to balance, coordination, and strength training. Commonly used in both rehabilitation facilities and fitness centers around the world, resistance bands have been in use for almost a century.
Resistance bands do not rely on gravity to provide resistance. This allows you to have a lot more variety in your workout such as side kicks, punches, being able to twist your body, and use swinging motions with your arms or legs. You can mirror your everyday activities to strengthen those muscles that you use for daily tasks and/or sports motions you need to keep toned to help prevent injury while playing. Working these muscles helps to lesson the injury you might receive when doing activities such as picking up a sleeping child, carrying a heavy box, or while enjoying your favorite sport.
Brigham Young University, researchers reported that elastic tubing made it possible to change the emphasis placed on muscles during certain exercises, which is important for injury prevention. For example, squats done using elastic bands can place more emphasis on the ham strings, which helps to protect the knees from injury.
Bands use your muscles to provide continuous tension to the muscles being trained. Improving the strength of your muscles and endurance qualities helps you to stay strong even into your old age. This in turn can also help to improve your cholesterol level, strengthen your bones, helps you to maintain and or lose weight, and giveyou an overall feeling of good health.
There are progressive levels of resistance to choose from, each level signified by a different color so each resistance level is easily identified. Different resistance levels allow you a lot of variety in your workout and you can increase your resistance as your ability increases. There is also a large selection in the type of bands that you can use including width or length of the bands, tubing, pre-cut, loops, and accessories including handles, straps, and anchors. A No-Latex exercise band is also available. It has the same durability and stretch characteristics as the regular latex tubing.
Numerous articles on the benefits of resistance training are everywhere. A great and comprehensive article can be found at by Amy Whittle. It compares the benefits of working out with exercise bands compared to using free weights. You can also look up “Choosing and Using Resistance Bands” by Paige Waehner.